AI and Data Science Resource List

There are different ways to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence. You can take online courses, read books or pick up studies at university.
We created a list of AI resources to strengthen your AI knowledge – the best thing about this: most of it is completely for free.

Machine Learning course by OpenDataScience
Intro to Artificial Intelligence by Udacity
Machine Learning for Coders by
Machine Learning by Georgia Tech
Data Science Courses by Future Learn
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning by David Silver
Move 37 by School of AI
Deep Learning by Andrew Ng
Machine Learning 501 by Intel
Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow
Deep NLP 2017 course by Oxford
The Neural Aesthetic
Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
Understanding Machine Learning
A Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining
A Brief Introduction to Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing with Python
More Courses by Intel
Data Science: Machine Learning by Harvard
Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python
Machine Learning
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Deep Learning for Business
Artificial Intelligence by Columbia
Machine Learning by Columbia
Enterprise AI an Application Perspective
The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov

Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI
Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python
Machine Learning in Washington, DC
M.Sc. in Data Science at Maryville University

AI Course List:
Machine Learning Course List by EduBirdie
Best Machine Learning Courses of 2019 by Courseduck


If your course is missing, please comment below!